Maintenance operations and testing

L'octant is specialized in industrial testing & maintenance, particularly in offshore and naval applications.

Our staff is trained for:

  • Rope access work (NDT rope access technicians),
  • Underwater work,
  • Confined Space,
  • Contaminated environment work (such as chemical-hazard areas, fuel and gas storage tanks, etc).
  • Unbreathable area…

L’octant techniques have unbeatable advantages compared with traditional methods; scaffolding, basket or other expensive means of access are not required. Operations are therefore easier, faster and cheaper.

We can intervene either during shutdowns or work periods.

For each mission, a study is realized for mobilizing the technicians (NDT inspectors, welders, hydraulic and pipe fitters, electricians…) who are the most qualified to respond at your needs.

We engage to give you the personal the most competent for each mission.

We offer fast reliable technical support for short or long term assignments made by highly qualified specialists : NDT inspectors, Welders, Hydraulic and pipe fitters, Electricians…