Quality and security

Safety and quality of our work and our stakeholders are our main concerns.

The fact that we act in sometimes hostile environments (unhealthy, difficult weather conditions, noise , ... ) leads us to think in partnership with our clients to ensure our teams the best possible response and keep a quality service.

Staff safety & training

The staff is experienced L’Octant following access methods:

For rope access works

  • All our employees are rope access certified professionals.
  • "IRATA Industrial Rope Access Trade Association"


  • "Certificat de scaphandrier mention A classe 2 ou 3"
  • All l’octant divers are certified to levels 1 or 2.


  • "Habilitation au port d'Appareil Respiratoire Isolant (A.R.I.)"

Petro-chemical sites

  • all our employees are certified to safety levels 1 or 2.

Personnel involved in L’Octant are initiated methods of first aid and resuscitation.

The majority of the staff has been trained to offshore BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Certificate).



All our safety equipment is supplied by ISO 9001, certified suppliers and meets European industrial specifications.

After each intervention, a satisfaction survey was sent to our customer to get feedback on the quality of our mission to better understand their expectations and make any changes.

For work in contaminated environments our teams are equipped with O2, H2S, CO gas detectors and explosimeters.

Our technicians are involved in the regulatory framework after issuance by the operator access certificates.

Our technicians are also equipped with portable radios.